1 year of Europe in 52 pages.

European People's Party


Communicating all that the European People’s Party have accomplished in one year, in one publication, with the added challenge of a readership that includes Europe’s most influential Heads of State and Government Ministers, when it comes to Corporate Reporting, there is perhaps no better test.

“Our challenge was to turn political views and often complicated “Europe-talk” into up-beat communication that is attractive, engaging and easy to understand. “


Distributed to 28 different countries across Europe.

Following the launch of a new visual identity in 2016, The European People’s Party commissioned beyond to completely revise their Annual Review. It was the first test in ensuring that their bright new brand could be rolled-out to a wider audience, while standing-up to the undeniably tough domain of corporate reporting. With so much to say, the core discipline throughout planning and production was compounding a years’ story into the minimum. Our strategy was a layout structured around an improved hierarchy of messaging, with distinct levels of information introduced to improve readability. The result was an effective and efficient Annual Review, with just the right balance of visual attraction through its ‘easy-read’ style and confident, concise messages of instant impact.

The take-out was a distinctly different Annual Review, regarded as very much ‘of-the-time’ and relevant – EPP are the first to admit there is a lot going on, and there is an absolute necessity to précis information to the minimum while retaining every required detail. 
Distributed to 28 different countries, beyond successfully provided EPP with an Annual Review that messaged in every way a new mindset, and a new identity. It was the first example of EPP’s accelerated attitude to communication, and marked the beginning of a new era in the way that EPP communicate to Europe’s people.