Signage available for medical sector — Free to use & Download

Covid19 Solidarity.

There to give you a (clean) hand…

The coronavirus pandemic affects all of us, in our families and in our professional activities. At a time when we all need to show solidarity, we have decided to make our little contribution by providing a series of posters to : 01 – Warn of risk or contagious areas, 02 – Improve communication in hospitals between patients and the medical staff, 03 – Help companies so that they can better explain protection and hygiene measures to their staff. The signs contain different themes such as transport, contagion, patient and hospital entrance…

See examples :

We are also willing to create some extra posters if needed : Please send an email to, we will respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Please download and feel free to serve you.

We are grateful to the entire medical profession for their dedication and efforts in their daily struggles to save lives.