Connecting corporate and creative expertise.

Who we are.

High expectations, principles & Ethics.

beyond is led by Marine Catlin and Benjamin Leempoels, a partnership providing a balance of corporate expertise and engaging creativity. With more than 35 years of combined experience in blue-chip corporate, advertising and creative agencies, Marine and Benjamin lead beyond with high expectations, principles and ethics, and a common vision to consistently provide intelligent content and unrivalled levels of service, shaped by quality, impact and client understanding.

What we do.

We connect to life,
and build experiences to love.

beyond is a balanced collection of individual talent and experience, blended together to provide a seamless range of services for your Corporate Communication needs. beyond advice provides the methodology and skills required to safeguard your Corporate Reputation in good times, or bad. beyond studio brings creative expertise and emotion to your Brand or Corporate and communication, on all platforms, to all sectors. Throughout, beyond brings an understanding of how things are, and how reaction, or action is formed. It’s a comprehension of how a corporate challenge differs little from a life challenge, and how beneath it all, we are driven by a simple desire to make things better.

How we do it.

We blend fact and need with emotion,
and we blend it with you.

beyond is the love of experience – the excitement that comes with the need to innovate, improve, and impress – the challenge of understanding and the reward of finding absolute engagement. From media strategies to brand identities, beyond will help you build new stories or add a bright new chapter.

What makes us tick ?

It’s about engagement, creative thinking & connection.

— Fresh views and vibes, we like new blood. Trends or Technologies, if we think a training course or seminar is worth following, we’ll find the time to attend. It keeps our views, designers and developers young, and Beyond on-top.

— The value of relationships, human connection and interaction – a meal for two, or the beach with friends, beyond are social animals and we enjoy the human side of things. We all now know what it is like to live without, and we miss it when it’s not there.

— We believe there’s nothing more visual than music, and a good tune will always fire us up and to take us to where we need to be. At beyond, our mixtapes are precious pearls – they change daily and bring us the change when we need it.

Healthy food.
— We have hungry brains, and they need good fuel. At beyond, it’s natural and fresh- we have a good appetite for taking food seriously, and we know that good nosh is part of the process. Decision making or the final push, healthy food means we feel the difference.

— We are stuck on fluid coding – it keeps things clean, which means we don’t get lost or make things more complicated than they need to be. At Beyond, our coding is efficiency and elegance – it means developing is better for us, and less expensive for you.

— It’s not about the vintage tracksuits, it’s just a classic case of needing a run. Early mornings or summer evenings, a short 5K is just enough time to think. A little pain, and just the right amount of sweat, reminds us of where we need to improve, and keeps us feeling good.

— Grooving to rare soul, or our female lead who captivated audiences with her ballet at 10 years old. Whatever the stage, we love the liberty and expression that dance can bring, and how great moves can make big impressions.

Creative thinking.
— Bathtime or bedtime, our creative thinking never stops. We are champions of notebooks and mental tagging – We are creative spies, and can’t help building thoughts when there’s something we spot, or a word we overhear. Outside the box waiting for the tram, at Beyond, our intuitive creative thinking surprises us everywhere.

— We are emotion junkies – sensitive or sensible, excitable or exaggerated, we use them all. Emotion is at our heart, it’s at the core of our success, and it feeds our understanding of you, your brand or your target. At Beyond we take emotion seriously, we use it well, and love bringing more.

“What an answers to our expectations and beyond! A spirit of analysis and understanding that creates starred proposals. Thank you for this active collaboration of trust. You are so agile on complex cases. Well done!”.



A synergy of two naturally connected disciplines at its core – it’s a symmetric approach and a service structured to bring an all-round response.

The beyond method secures understanding to built strong-founded audience engagement, the key factor in helping to establish market or sector stand-out and success for your business.

Brand Naming
Brand Strategy
Corporate Design
Logotype Design
Visual Identity

Annual Report
Corporate Brochure
Leaflet & Catalog

Online Platform
Corporate Website
Ergonomy (UI) & Architecture (UX)
Mobile/Responsive Compatibility
Online Shopping
WordPress Implementation

Motion Design
Slide Presentation

Digital Marketing
Google Adwords
Organic Referencing – SEO
Paid Referencing – SEA
Reporting & Tracking
Users Behavior
Web Analytics

Hosting Solution
HTML5/CSS3 Integration
PHP/MySQL Developments
WordPress Addict

Corporate Reputation
CEO Positioning
Crisis Communication
Internal Communication
Media & Public speaking Training
Media Relations
Strategy & Implementation

enhancing brands through emotion